Welcome to Healing through Journaling

Your past experiences can quickly be changed into wisdom, eliminating the need for you to repeat the same experiences time after time. 

Be guided to write meditatively in your quiet space, and gradually learn to:

  • Release whatever burdens you are carrying from your past
  • Establish and nurture a deeply loving connection with your soul
  • And totally refresh the view you have of your life...​

There comes a time in a person's life when healing the past is the only imperative.

This usually happens when experience urgently needs to be changed into wisdom. There is huge rejoicing in the Heavens when this occurs!

Carla van Raay 

Join us for our breakthrough Healing through Journaling program, consisting of ,modules of 8-weeks with one lesson per week:

What happens on our 8-week program:

  • Journaling, or making daily written entries into your notebook, to answer questions we don't usually ask ourselves, using the higher intelligence within to respond to stories and articles.
  • With the purpose of entering healing spaces, raise our personal vibration and that of our environment, and vitally review our sense of identity as spiritual beings and Unity with All That Is.
  • Sink into meditative experiences.
  • Enjoy heart-opening poetry.
  • Listen to relaxing music as you write.
  • And, expect to work closely with Unseen Friends and Loving Energies willing and able to assist you.
  • Change your perspectives.

Changes that you can make that have a huge influence on your happiness are:

  • Understanding your experiences...don't just let them whack you and leave you!
  • Surprising yourself with your ability to discover and express your deepest thoughts and feelings, your hurts and desires, and your judgments.
  • Growing in wonderful appreciation of the ordinariness of your life; see and enjoy new perspectives on situations you usually take for granted.
  • Understanding yourself and other people better; be done with many mysteries and conundrums.
  • Learning self-acceptance and self-love at a deeper level
  • Growing in compassion for yourself
  • Growing a sense of humour about yourself; others and life.
  • Finding and nurturing a deeper spiritual connection with Self.
  • Growing in honesty and honest communication with self and others.
  • Changing judgement into compassion - how good is that!  One of the great accomplishments in all of life.

Meet Carla van Raay

Carla is the author of God's Callgirl, the memoir that has captivated readers since 2004. This story of a life lived as a result of early childhood sexual abuse has now been followed by the superb Healing from Abuse a Practical Spiritual Guide, based on a lifetime of learning what heals and what does not and why.  

Over the decades Carla has taught children in secondary schools, and adults in various workshop events since the 80’s. Recently, she has once more taken up the challenge of presenting workshops, this time on the topic of journal writing with a view to connecting deeply with self and Spirit

 Journal writing is a skilful process if it is to be used as a tool for emotional healing and personal growth. Carla is putting her own skills and experience at the service of others via her workshops and via journaling programs. Click here to visit Carla's website.

Carla has two daughters and four grandchildren, all living south of the city of Perth in Western Australia. The youngest ones are only three and six! The older ones now 18 and 21.

Meet Mandi Cloete

Mandi is an Energy Intuitive, Spiritual Counsellor and Meditation Teacher, lives in Perth, Western Australia with her family.

Her own life story is one of recovery and healing from abuse. As a teenager, she dove into the world of personal development in order to make sense of what had happened to her and explore who she is. 

Still in personal development, for the past 20 years Mandi has been drawing on her own life experience, combined with many of the skills and techniques she has used and continuous to use in her own life, to assist others to release and transform that which no longer serves them, allowing them to awaken to their true nature and experience liberation and joy in their life.

Mandi is passionate about teaching others to cultivate a deeper connection to Self and Spirit. She holds private sessions, regular 'Return to Love' gatherings and this year will be holding retreats in WA.  Click here to visit Mandi's website.

We hope you will get many aha! moments, and above all that you will enjoy yourself.

Remember that this is a time when moving to a higher consciousness is mightily supported by your Soul, Higher Self and the Universe, and that the unseen loving Beings who led you as far as enrolling in this course, are there for you to call on as well.

You are definitely not alone on your journey!

Module One: Who Am I? 

In our foundation 8-week online journaling program you will receive:

  • 8-weekly pre-recorded audio classes taught by Carla and Mandi. Beginning 3rd May you will receive a weekly email with the link to the module.

The eight sessions are scheduled as follows:

3rd May, 10th May, 17th May, 24th May

31st May, 7th June, 14th June, 21st June

  • ·A weekly journaling module with practice materials, readings and reflection exercises
  • Optional exercises that deepen the course content
  • A guided visualisation meditation to support you on your healing journey
  • A free PDF copy of Carla’s book Healing from Abuse a Practical Spiritual Guide
  • Exclusive invitation to our private members forum where you can connect with other students and receive support and love
  • One 30 minute private telephone or skype session with Carla or Mandi, scheduled at any point through the program, this is a wonderful opportunity to talk through any of the program content and to discuss any personal challenges you may be having on your Healing through Journaling Program

Explore Books, Audio's and Video's

Audio Meditations

Our foundation program: Who Am I? begins in:


Module One, Weekly Lessons:

One:   Who Am I? 

Two:   My EGO - a friend or an obstacle? A servant or tyrant?

Three:  Present Moment

Four:  Namaste

Five:       Humility and other sacred qualities

Six:           Trusting Self

Seven:   Creativity and Play  

Eight:   All in Balance

Program begins 3rd May

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