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Healing through journaling is an 8-week online program that invites your deepest engagement and ours.  Each week consists of carefully crafted lessons that will allow and support you in an effort to heal and grow beyond your wounds.

Our Foundation Module: Who Am I? What Am I? is an invitation to explore and experience profound healing and transformation, and discover how to:

  • Connect with the greatest love that exists
  • Release the burdens you carry from your past
  • Discover an entirely new self and start living a new life!

This work only makes sense if your heart is open to receiving wisdom from your own Soul and Higher Self. From experience we realise the limitations of the thinking mind and therefore also the limitations of words. That is why we include heart-openers like meditations, music, colour, poetry and stories as well as questions – so make the most of these!

Taking notes

We hope you will relax before putting pen to paper and that you will take your time when you journal. The word ‘journaling’ comes from the French ‘jour’ meaning ‘day,’ so the implication is that you will do these exercises on a daily basis.

We hope you will get many aha! moments, and above all that you will enjoy yourself. Remember that this is a time when moving to a higher consciousness is mightily supported by your Soul, Higher Self and the Universe, and that the unseen loving Beings who led you as far as enrolling in this course, are there for you to call on as well. You are definitely not alone on your journey!

Explore Books, Audio's and Video's

Audio Meditations

Our foundation program: Who Am I? What Am I? begins in:


Who Am I? What Am I?

In our foundation 8-week online journaling program you will receive:

  • 8-weekly pre-recorded audio classes taught by Carla van Raay. Beginning 5th April you will receive a weekly email with the link to the module.

The eight sessions are scheduled as follows:

14th April, 21st April, 28th April

5th May, 12th May, 19th May, 26th May​

  • ·A weekly journaling module with practice materials, readings and reflection exercises
  • Optional exercises that deepen the course content
  • A guided visualisation meditation to support you on your healing journey
  • A free PDF copy of Carla’s book Healing from Abuse a Practical Spiritual Guide
  • Exclusive invitation to our private members forum where you can connect with other students and receive support and love
  • One 30 minute private telephone or skype session with Carla or Mandi, scheduled at any point through the program, this is a wonderful opportunity to talk through any of the program content and to discuss any personal challenges you may be having on your Healing through Journaling Program

Module One, Weekly Lessons:

One: Who Am I? What Am I?

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Three: Title

Four: Title





Program begins 5th April

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